Sunday, 13 April 2014

March highlight

The rest of March 2014 - one art exhibition private view, one lecture, one meeting and one lunch.

The Livery Schools Link

The highlight of the month was the day that the Clerk and I spent at Apothecaries' Hall for the Livery Schools Link. Twenty-seven Livery Companies had stalls, and many were giving practical demonstrations of their craft to some 400 visiting students from City of London schools. The WCCA stall was provided by Jerry Tate Architects. Several of Jerry's staff manned the stall, including his business partner, Rory Harmer. Quite a shock for Rory and the Master, as Jaki was his tutor at Leeds Metropolitan University before Rory went on to the Bartlett.

The Master being shown how to upholster by the Upholders, before the students arrived 
Cutting edges

The Clerk and Jerry Tate
The end with spiral addition, courtesy the Goldsmiths' Co.


More March

Evening of 13 March. Reserve Forces and Cadets Association for Greater London, Spring Meeting and Lord-Lieutenant's Awards Ceremony at Yeomanry House. Yeomanry House is a huge hanger-like drill hall with hard surfaces. There were hundreds of people - and drummers. A surreal experience because I couldn't hear because of the reverberation and couldn't see either.

En passant

On my way from the Cutlers' Hall to St Paul's Underground, I noticed this slightly different view of Temple Bar. 

More Mrs Master's March Miscellany

On 12 March, the day after the Middle Temple visit, was the Security Professionals' Lecture at the RAF Club. The speaker was Martin Howard CB, GCHQ Director of Cyber Policy. The subject was "Cyber Security- Risk, Impact and Protection". The lecture was delivered under the Chatham House Rule.

13 March The Worshipful Company of Builders' Merchants City and awards Luncheon at the Cutlers' Hall. Found myself seated between the Master, John Poore and the Lord Mayor's Consort, Nicholas Woolf.
The highlight was the speech delivered in rhyming couplets by the Lord Mayor and her Consort - no mean feat.

This a picture of the Cutlers' Hall, taken after the Lord Mayor had departed and before the stand-up comedian. His performance was a trifle ripe or even a ripe trifle.

Mrs Master's Miscellaneous March

March started with the City of London Guide Lecturer Association 11th Annual  Derek Melluish Lecture at the Dutch Church in Austin Friars. It was given by the Rt Hon, the Lord Cope of Berkeley.He was a former Conservative MP and Government Minister and now an energetic member of their House of Lords. He talked about his political life and the number of positions he held during his political career. Now in his 70's Lord Cope sits in the House of Lords and offers his wide ranging experience to the members and in debates. 
Very interesting.
So was the building. It was designed by Arthur Bailey and completed in 1954 in a style that I would describe as "stripped classical"

Then there was the Modern Companies' Dinner at the Wax Chandlers' Hall. The Hall is not square - this has a strange effect on one's spacial perception. The City Remembrancer was the guest speaker. He described Livery events as "protocol, alchohol and cholesterol" I couldn't possibly comment.

The following day was the WCCA visit to the Middle Temple, pictures of which, taken by Geoffrey Purves are on the last blog. This was followed by a convivial supper at El Vino.

Friday, 14 March 2014

A visit to the Middle Temple

The guide was excellent and the sheltered environment in some of the court yard spaces allow lush and tender vegetation to flourish.  The garden of the Master’s Lodge was particularly attractive.  At the end of the tour a short but interesting discussion took place in the Minstrel’s Gallery of the Middle Temple Hall – the training of barristers is highly competitive but relatively short; the training of architects takes much longer.  The guide struggled to find diplomatic responses to the relative differences, strengths and weaknesses between two great professions – the law and architecture!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

It's very hot and weighs a lot......

The Silver helmet

In 1883 Captain Sir Eyre Massey Shaw, the first Chief Officer of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB), set about the introduction of a new uniform for the firemen of his brigade.

It included a new navy-blue double-breasted tunic with brass buttons and a MFB badge, together with leather fire-boots and an axe and pouch on a heavy leather belt. But the crowning glory was the new MFB brass fire helmet.

Captain Massey Shaw designed the helmet as a more compact version of the French 'pompier' type but without projections. It had a small front peak, large neck curtain and a comb top section. This was to help protect the wearer’s neck and ears from falling debris.

This style of helmet, much copied by British fire brigades, became the Victorian symbol of a firefighter, and was to last into the 1930’s when helmets began to be replaced by the lighter cork version. Additionally, the introduction of mains electricity into buildings made the wearing of a metal helmet somewhat dangerous on occasions!

Befitting his rank of Chief Fire Officer, Massey Shaw’s helmet was made of silver, a standard copied by many other British fire brigades, for their officers.

The silver helmet on show today, whilst its origins are unknown, is typical of the Victorian period. In 2003 it was presented to the then Master of the Worshipful Company of Firefighters, Colin Livett BEM, by Liveryman Ronald Bentley. It bears the insignia 'Master' together with the Livery Company number 103.

In memory of Ronald Bentley, now deceased, it is a very treasured possession of the Firefighters Company. 

The WCCA Master was allowed to wear it for a photograph at the Firefighters' Dinner on 26 February. Not very flattering to either, really...…..

Can the fire wait until I've finished this fine dinner?

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

hello anyone out there?

Monday, 10 March 2014


Past Master Mervyn's 'Thank-You' luncheon
with his Wardens at Ironmongers' Hall
Past Master King watches
Past Master Millar open his present

3 days in February (or bits thereof)

11 February
At the RIBA. The Milo Lecture was delivered by Stephen Hodder President RIBA. "London as a Global Hub for Architecture.... and More". There were 22 Masters from other Livery Companies. The lecture was followed by a lively debate and a convivial reception.

12 February
At St Pauls Cathedral. A beautiful Evensong dedicated to the memory of John Penton - what a priviledge to sit in the "quire"
At Merchant Taylors'. An elegant reception following the service
On East Coast Train. Disruption to Wakefield via York and Leeds. Taxi from Leeds to Wakefield where car is parked. Shared taxi with Lebanese women. Rudimentary conversation in Arabic with 3 children

13 February
At Wetherby High School. Careers advice to 45 Year 11s. Might have encouraged on potential bricklayer and one architect.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Well worth a climb

In between my masterful affairs last week, I had time to visit the Royal Academy to see the "Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined" Exhibition.

This is the nearest I've been to an angel for some time!

Mrs. Master's Diary

The Learned Clerk and the Clerk Emeritus have pointed out that I should be blogging . There will be a delay whilst I decide whether to emulate Samuel Pepys, Bridget Jones or Adrian Mole..... or should it be a comic?
Let me know at the Milo Lecture next Tuesday.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Chris Bisset gives a talk about his

The photo below is of the Master, Jaki Howes, handing a cheque to Chris Bisset, from the Architectural Association school of architecture, at the RIBA on Tuesday, 28 January, 2014.

Chris had just given an excellent presentation on 'The tradition of copying in Japan' - the subject of his journey - to an audience  comprising about seventy people. He was a worthy winner of the WCCA's Stuart Murphy Travel Award - probably the best candidate so far.

The WCCA Travel Award for  2014 will be administered by Anne Markey, the company's Master of Students.


Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A new Liveryman of the Company - January 2014

Stella Ioannou gets signed up
Livereyman Ioannou tucks in...

New Freemen of the company - January 2014

Freemen Peter Oborn, David Cox and Nicholas Waring

New students - January 2014

Students Dominic James Edwards and Matthew Loosley
Mentor Roger France in support

Newsletter 29 - January 2014

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

The Temple Bar - Etching by Andrew Ingamells
reproduced by kind permission of Guinness Flight Hambro Asset Management Ltd.
scanned from the Master's christmas card

Season's greetings and best wishes
from the Master


Monday, 25 November 2013

The Master Masters BLOGGER!

Watch the action unfold!

Mrs. Lord Mayor salutes Mrs. Master's bravura

Jaki's first step(?)s...