Thursday, 29 January 2009

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

110th Court and Luncheon at Cutler's hall - 27 January 2009 - celebrating 25 years of the company

Three new students were inducted into the Company, having been introduced by the Master (sic) of Students Jaki Howes. Michael David BAILEY was bound to Edward King, India WILLS to the Master Ian Head and Zoë SPITTLE to Michael Wilkey.




The Master, Ian Head, and his new trio

Thursday, 15 January 2009

the new 'private page'

We have introduced a second 'private' layer to this blog so that the Master and Clerk may post more privy matters to the members of the Livery in a discrete way.

So far, five members of the Court have been invited and now have access to this private layer, having completed the requisite registration.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

25th anniversary of the founding of the WCCA, 1984 - 2009

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Spot the Frank Lloyd Wright Influence?

Spotted by the Clerk on a family visit to the snowy wilds of South Eastern Ohio was the Bossard Memorial Library in Gallipolis - suitably decorated to reflect the festive season.

Apart from being an excellent resource in an area which has been feeling the financial pinch for some time now the entrance to the library perhaps offers a tribute to the master's design for the VC Morris Gift Shop in San Francisco. It must be said that all resemblance starts and ends with the entrance - sadly the budget for a library did not run to the opulence of the iconic 1948 Gift Shop. Nor did it run (to the regret to one who has a passing interest in good brickwork) to the walls surrounding the semi-circular entrance feature being in bonded brickwork. Still, one can't have everything.

On the off chance that readers would like the chance to see the FLW original, it is on the itinerary for the San Francisco section of the forthcoming Company Architectural Study Trip to the West Coast USA which runs from 16 April to 1 May.

Please contact the Clerk for details - there are still places available.
Book now to avoid disappointment.