Monday, 26 November 2007

To new visitors to this blog....

One can...:

1) Make a comment on any particular 'post' by clicking on the 'Comments' button at the foot.  Your comment will be moderated - that is: checked out by the WCCA web-master to see that it's inclusion on the blog page will not be detrimental in some way -  and then it will appear at the foot of the relevant post in reverse chronological order with any other comment made.  If several people make comments, this process can develop into a sort of on-line conversation or debate.

2) One can.... send the Clerk of the Company an e-mail directly by clicking on his 'e-mail the Clerk' button at the foot of the first page.

3) The first page shows the last 12 blog-posts made in reverse chronological order.  You can peruse other older posts by clicking on the 'older posts' button at the foot of the page.  Each successive click will bring up the former 12 posts.

4) One can.... navigate through all the posts by using the 'Blog Archive' or 'Topics' buttons located a bit down on the right hand panel.  By date or subject. As more posts are made these labels will expand to include new areas of interest or organisation.

5) One can.... go to the new WCCA 'Virtual Red Book' by clicking on the  image of the real 'Paper Red Book' on the right- hand panel.  This part gives  a lot more data about the company, its origins and its current membership lists. We also have added direct links to the Travel Award pages and other current subjects of interest.

6) Clicking on any of the images opens them 'full-size' in a separate window, from which they can easily be downloaded.

7) Two tips: Firstly, click on the particular post title to make or read a comment - this action will display that particular post on a single page with its 'comments' window at the foot, and secondly use the 'Direct Connections' buttons for other parts of the website, or click on the red Temple Bar logo to return to the WCCA blog page.

8) One can....send any post to a friend's e-mail address by clicking on the envelope symbol at the end of that particular post.

The point of the blog is to keep our organisation in up-to-date contact with the public and our membership, and involve people as much as possible.  It needs YOUR participation.  If you have suggestions for posts yourself, send your ideas to the clerk or web-master by e-mail and one or the other will respond.  There are buttons to do this on the first 'splash page'; the one with the big photograph of the latest award winning project.


  1. Nice to see the site go public at last!

  2. A very clear explanation of what one must do.

  3. another potential client22 June 2009 at 16:54

    Lovely explanation.