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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Stalwart Ann's latest missal to the troops

The 'stalwart consort' Ann
descends the Grand Staircase
- à la Rebecca? -

I am a dinosaur with regard to sending photographs or anything else to anyone via computer. My son will be back next weekend and I will get him to see if he can do something for me. Meanwhile I attach a couple of pictures from the Letchwoth outing. They were so delightful that I felt that we should all share them.

The Banquet was marvellous, I got to sit by the Sheriff and admire his knee britches and wig bag - let alone all that lace!!!  Had a wonderful time, I do enjoy all that air kissing. 

But, to continue, Sam and I saw Mervyn and his guests off in a most decorous manner and then retired to the Booking Office Bar at St Pancras.  Several double amaretto's later we decided to climb the three storey Grand Staircase designed by Gilbert Scott - the sign stating 'Guests Only past this point' having been set aside by my escort (and then he refused to replace it when we staggered back down as well!) - I decided that it really was time to return to my hotel.  I don't think that we sang bawdy songs on the way back, and it was lucky that the bar in my hotel closed at 1.30 am or we may have continued carousing the night away, but I am sure that everyone can understand that looking after my granddaughter the next day was somewhat of a trial by flashing lights.

I have known Sam since before he was born but the looks we got on entering the bar in full evening gear were well worth the wait for him to grow up.

Looking forward to the next event - a luncheon and a trip to the HMS Wellington - Mervyn is letting me out all on my own again!!!  Watch this space.

Stalwart Ann's pictures...

Ann, the ever Stalwart Consort