Tuesday, 1 December 2009

...and with the Master away in York

Each year the Company's Charitable Trust supports the TeamBuild competition run by the Institution of Civil Engineers with the support of both the Chartered Architects' and Constructors' Companies. This weekend event which started in the early 1990's continues to evolve but sticks to the original intent of encouraging teamwork within multi-disciplinary groups of building professionals. The Company gives a prize for the team offering the Best Construction Procurement Strategy.

The Company was represented this year by Ronnie Murning an Assistant on the Court and an experienced project manager. Ronnie's take on the event was:

'It was a memorable weekend. Team Build is an incredibly well rounded concept that has matured into an event that is in my opinion is very very special. It really does deserve the Company's unswerving support for the future.

I also ..... discussed broadening the naming of the WCofCA prize to procurement and construction. The organizers were supportive of the suggestion and will hopefully raise the matter for discussion at the next committee meeting.

The logic is that it would be then consistent in that the WCofConstructors gave the design prize and we gave the procurement and construction prize covering the whole spectrum of a project from inception to completion.

With the inclusion of the construction element, which is a discrete activity within the weekend's overall programme, it is complementary and in balance with the design prize. It also reinforces the teamwork connection as the Constructors give the design prize and the Architects give the procurement and construction prize.'

A visit to York

It has become something of a custom for the Master to dust off his passport for the annual pilgrimage to attend the Annual Dinner of the York Guild of Building. This year he was accompanied by the Upper and Junior Wardens and a selection of Past Masters and other Chartered Architects. The dinner was held in the splendid Merchant Adventurers' Hall on Thursday 19 November.  

As may be seen from the photograph above, the Master and Upper Warden were in good and colourful company.

Many members of the travelling party made a weekend of it by staying of for a bit of sightseeing and the Guild's Annual Service at All Saints Church to which the Master and Upper  Warden processed from the Guiild's base in Bedern Hall

In keeping with local tradition, festivities were concluded with a sherry, fruitcake and cheese reception back at the Hall