Wednesday, 24 June 2009

WCCA Website - Blog interconnectivity

We have recently (23rd June 2009) updated the WCCA static web-site so that inter-connectivity between the two web presences of the Architects Livery Company is made easier.
Now a single click takes one from one location to the other in either direction.

On the blog site, in the right hand column:
click on directconnections  / the WCCA static web-site

On the web site, at the foot of the left hand of each page:
click on WCCA BLOG

For more details of how to participate in the blog, make comments, get notified about new posts etc.:
click on direct connections / how to use this blog
or on direct connections/ how to be notified of a new post

please try making a comment on any of the posts, even this one!


  1. Howard Copping9 July 2009 at 11:11

    Maybe if I leave a comment on this post, it might encourage a member of the Court, or the Livery, or the Freedom, or a company Student, to make another.
    We shall see.

  2. Howard. Greetings from the past
    I saw the studies of the great office facards by Arthur Parry architects in this months Architecture Today and was convinced it was your work in a direct line (over some years ) of the little building at the bottom of Fetter Lane- but it appears not. Regards Martin Stearman

  3. Good to hear from you Martin - e-mail me at

  4. I love the diagram; architectural, as it were! Patricia