Friday, 28 November 2014

The works underway at the Great Hall of Lambeth Palace

Lambeth Resume

The Master's Reception - Lambeth Palace

Mediaeval vaulting in the crypt of the chapel

The WCCA webmaster (and amateur snapper) was formally allowed to take a few discrete pictures of the Master's Reception held at Lambeth Palace in early afternoon of 27 November - Thanksgiving Day for our ancient colonists of the New World.  A large group of architects and chums were shown around in parties of 25 by three of the Palace's guides. The tour was prefaced by a light luncheon in the Guard's Room, the main entertaining hall today.  It is unusual for the palace to host such a visit, although the buildings may otherwise be visited on summer Thursdays and Fridays.

We would recommend a visit to the annual garden Fête held in midsummer.  

The palace's garden is the second largest in central London after that of Buckingham Palace itself.

Many thanks to the Master, Geoffrey Purves, for arranging a memorable event.

The entry gate tower

The Guards Room's 14th century roof

A light lunch is followed by Master Purves' introduction

A portrait gallery of Archbishops of Canterbury

The great hall under repair

A 1950s floor is being replaced 

Drawings of the works….

The Bath stone facade of the 1830s range

The oldest part of Lambeth Palace - the 12C crypt of the chapel

The learnéd Clerk ponders the chapel roof

The Guards Room at twilight
Our host - Master Geoffrey Purves

Friday, 21 November 2014

Cuff - Linkedin

The Master receiving City of Newcastle cuff links from the Lord Mayor of Newcastle, Councillor George Pattison, during the Lord Mayor's Civic Reception held on Friday 10th October 2014 at the beginning of the Master's Newcastle weekend.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Vikings have arrived

Tom's picture now with notable Vikings

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Meanwhile in the crowd

Past Master Mervyn Miller was able to catch the attention of the Master
The Master spotted his wife, Ann

and Jaki didn't quite manage to focus her camera

Tom Ball's Pictures from home

Sorry - no vikings or WCCA yet!

The Lord Mayor's Show

Master Geoffrey Purves prepares for the Show
The long range weather forecast had said heavy showers between 11.00 and 2.00 - just the time that the Lord Mayor’s Show takes to wend its way from Mansion House to the Law Courts in the Strand and back again. The WCCA’s stalwart representatives - Master Geoffrey Purves, Student Dominic Edwards and yours truly - were prepared for the worst, but in the event the rain held off and we returned to base dry and elated after a most enjoyable day's outing. The streets were lined with crowds: scout troops demanding high fives from passing liverymen, friends shouting recognition as the party passed by and tourists agog at the fascinating rituals of this ancient place.

The modern companies walk rather than ride in a float. Architects, Engineers, Constructors, Information Technologists, et al gathered in London Wall ready to set off at 11.00am. We marched past the new Lord Mayor on his dais outside Mansion House - he didn’t see us because he was being interviewed by a Japanese television station - past a busy St Paul’s - devoid of anti-bank protestors in spite of warnings that Russell Brand had been tweeting to stir people up - and up Fleet Street.

We walk past St Paul's

The Lord Mayor's party at Mansion House

While the Lord Mayor attended a grand lunch in the Law Courts in the Strand, the Companies enjoyed a sandwich and a glass or two of champagne on HMS Wellington courtesy of the Master Mariners. The jolly representatives of the Pipemakers enjoyed a leisurely puff.

We were blown back along the Embankment; Dominic struggling to hang on to the Company’s sign - next year, we decided, we should have a flag. We returned to The Master’s very convenient apartment on Upper Thames Street, and soon after the heavens opened.

Wardens of the Pipemakers enjoy their lunch break
Victoria Russell, Master of the Constructors' Company

Monday, 3 November 2014

Remembrance - 11am, 11th of November 2014 - The Great War started 100 years ago this year

poppies for 888,246 dead

3rd November 2014 - a grey London Monday morning.
Each ceramic poppy below commemorates a life lost in The Great War by a British or Colonial Soldier...
not the wounded, nor the 'shell-shocked',
nor the German dead, nor the French, Itatian, Russian, Turkish, Serb, Austrian….

We all find very large numbers hard to visualise -
but not today at the Tower of London.

Traitor's Gate engulfed

Spare a quid or two for an old soldier?

The White Tower 1070

Tower Bridge's cast iron balustrade in white, blue and now RED
the 'Walkie-Talkie' afar off

Tower Bridge approach

in Flanders' fields….