Sunday, 25 November 2007

Lord Mayor's Show 2007

The Lord Mayor's Show 2007

For those wondering if the Company's participation in the Lord Mayor's Show was a figment of the Clerk's imagination - something to fill up the odd corners of the newsletter - look no further. Here is proof.

Proudly declaring themselves to be Chartered Architects are the Master, the Upper Warden (who seems to have drawn the short straw pole carrying-wise), the Master of Students and the Almoner. In case you were wondering about the aged bus and the even more aged steam roller called Joan, these are simply props to add gravitas and cohesion to an otherwise disparate group of Livery Companies who combined to make up the Modern Companies entry in the Show.

Maybe there should be a modest prize for the best caption for the photograph. I personally wonder how or why the steamroller managed to miss the opportunity of flattening the last surviving building from the previous Paternoster development.

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