Monday, 18 November 2013

Lord Mayor's Day procession - pictures by Geoffrey Purves

The Master steps out

The Master, the Upper Warden and a volunteer 'student' placard holder
The Master, Sam (student) and I picked up our robes, Masters Chain, Tricorn hat, two berets, placard and leather holster  from Painter’s Stainer’s Hall at 9.00am and we proceeded to our assembly point in London Wall.  We joined a group of other representatives from Modern Livery Companies and waited in the queue of highly organised and well marshalled displays until about 10.30.  The atmosphere was happy and jovial with lots of banter about the uniforms, costumes and ambitiously designed floats.  We had been warned that the weather forecast was not favourable and to come prepared with umbrellas.  As the procession got underway so the rain began to fall – and continued to fall continuously and more heavily for the next two hours and yet the spirit of the event was not dampened.  As my first experience of taking part in this event I was delighted to see so many people lining the route despite the adverse conditions.  From the Guildhall we processed through the city via St Pauls and onwards to the Royal Courts of Justice.   We continued to the Embankment where a glass of champagne was enjoyed with a picnic lunch – by then it was unimportant that most of us were soaked to the skin. We resumed our place in the procession after lunch proceeding along the Embankment.  However, perhaps with a rebel streak, we peeled off early to return our robes to Painter’s Stainer’s Hall but not before we had watched the new Lord Mayor in her coach pass by giving a wave to our Master.  We then made a hasty retreat to our newly acquired flat for a welcome gin and tonic.  A marvellous day was had by all.
Re-homing large yellow dogs

The pretty costumes of the 1600s

'Leaves on the line'; back up service?

The Hon. Artillery Company's field gun

Which guards regiment - how many buttons?

A Beefeater and two (queasy?) Watermen

La Lord Mayor, Fiona Woolf

The Lord Mayor's Pikemen

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