Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Festival of Saint Cecilia: 21 November 2013

It was worth the swim from Euston, the high winds, the road works and the wretched students marching all over the place - actually it was interesting to find any students up and around at that time of the day - St Paul's was as imposing as ever, I got to wave to Mervyn - and if he persists in referring to me as Consort Ann again I will start addressing him as Master Mervyn [with the stress being on the Master bit] - the music moving and the innocent faces of the little choirboys leaving one with a belief in today's youth. In fact there cannot be much wrong with the world when you can go and hear a service like that on a wet Wednesday morning.

the choir of St. Paul's Cathedral

Lunch was great as well despite Mervyn going a bit white when the bill arrived.

Getting home was a nightmare. I think that I paid a deposit on the purchase of a black taxi, two trains were cancelled due to flooding, [I knew they should never have allowed Milton Keynes to be built] then arrival in Birmingham during the height of a storm and in the rush hour. Such is life. A memorable day yet again.
Stalwart consort of the Master of the Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects

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