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The WCCA's annual Banquet for 2013 at Carpenters' Hall

A short movie of incredible carving!

 a swagwork detail

the 'Augustus Panel' carved by Shane Raven

The Master Carpenter 1604, 1605 and 1616; Richard Wyatt
The gates to Carpenters' Hall

 The Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects



Sheriff Nigel Pullman

The Master of the Tylers and Bricklayers - Mr. David Cole Adams, and Mary Cole Adams

The Master the Chartered Surveyors - Mr. Roger Southam, and Miss Roberta Anderson

The Master of the Engineers’ Company - Mr David Scahill and Mrs. Gillian Scahill

Mr John Burton and Mrs Sally Burton - Surveyor to the Fabric of Canterbury Cathedral and Surveyor Emeritus of Westminster Abbey

PO (SCC) Andrew Lawson - 1st Lieutenant Orpington Sea Cadets

The Rev'd Michael Skinner - Orpington Sea Cadets Chairman of Unit Management Committee


18.00 The designated Assistant / Stewards to assist with placement of table plans, place cards and menu cards in the Reception Gallery.
Master, Consort, Wardens, Partners to prepare for robing and photographs.

18.15 Orpington Sea Cadets to be introduced to the Master and Wardens

18.20 Master, Wardens, Clerk and Stewards (David Penning, Chris Bicknell, Rosemary Curry) will be robed by the Beadle to the Company (David Wylie).  Photographs of the Master, the Wardens and Ladies to be taken at this stage Court Room including Orpington Sea Cadets

18.30     Sea Cadets to be formed up at base of stair.

18.35 The Musicians commence playing in the Upper Reception area

The Master, Wardens and their Ladies will form the reception line at the top of the stairs and will remain in place until 19.15.

Members of the Company and Guests to arrive at the Hall. Copies of the table plan will be available from a table in the Hall Reception – a Steward    will be in attendance.

Members and Guests will be directed to the Reception area for pre-dinner drinks. Guests of the Company (listed above will be directed to the rear of the Reception Room with their designated ‘hosts’.

The following members of the Court and Stewards are asked to ‘hover’ to meet the Company guests after they have been received and to take them with their ladies into the Court Room to entertain them prior to dinner.  The gowned Stewards will ensure that each Company guest is met by their ‘host’.

Sheriff Nigel Pulman - Past Master Alan Downing
The Master of the Tylers and Bricklayers and Lady - Assistant Howard Copping
The Master of the Chartered Surveyors - Assistant Tom Ball
The Master of the Engineers - Assistant Sandra Papworth
The Master of the Constructors - Deputy Master Edward King
Mr John Burton and Mrs Sally Burton - Past Master Roger France
PO (SCC) Andrew Lawson   and The Rev'd Michael Skinner - Stephen Wagstaffe    

17.10 Clerk to await the arrival of the Sheriff and bring him to the reception Line.

19.15 The Beadle announces in Drawing Room: ‘Master, Wardens, Sheriff, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dinner is served – would all Members of the Company and guests not in the procession please proceed to take your places in the Hall. The Company guests, other than those in the procession, are to be escorted to where the photographer will take photographs of the Master’s Guests and then should proceed to the Hall.

The Musicians will move into the Dining Room and continue playing

19.20 The Master is to be photographed with his fellow Masters. Then, Masters are to be escorted to their places by their ‘hosts’.

19.20 Photographs are taken of the Master, Wardens and the Principal Guests and their ladies and the Clerk in the Reception Room. The Company guests, other than those in the procession, are to be escorted to their places by their ‘hosts’.

19.25 The Beadle will form up the procession in the order below and then the Master, Principal Guests and Wardens process to the Great Hall as follows:

The Master     Sherriff Nigel Pullman
John Burton Mrs Ann Yorke
The Upper Warden Mrs Sally Burton    
The Renter Warden Mrs. Ann Purves
The Junior Warden The Clerk

When the Liverymen and the guests are in their places, The Beadle will announce: “Liverymen, Ladies and Gentlemen please receive the Master, Wardens, and their Ladies and your Principal Guests”

The Musician strike up” See the Conquering Hero Comes”  and the Master and Principal Guests enter the Livery Hall and proceed to the top table – the gentlemen taking their escorts to their places before standing by their own seats. The Junior and Renter Wardens and the Clerk will drop off the procession at their respective places

The Musicians leave

The Beadle announces Grace which will be called for by the MASTER. At this stage the Beadle will take the Master’s gown and re-fix the chain prior to collecting other gowns (which their occupants will remove) – the Upper Warden’s from the top table, the others from tail gunner positions.

Dinner is served (approximately 1 hour 40 minutes for the meal). The musician will NOT play background music during the meal.

21.10 Grace – Laudi Spirituali, will be announced by the Beadle – “Wardens, Sheriff, Masters, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Master invites you to stand and join in singing of Grace.”  With Piano Accompaniment.

21.15 The Loving Cup: The Beadle will announce “The Master and Wardens of this Worshipful Company drink to you in a Loving Cup and bid you all a hearty welcome”. During this ceremony there will be background musical accompaniment by musicians

Note for the Master: two loving cups will be brought to the Master’s position at the top table. Following the Beadle’s announcement he will rise, take the cup on his right, turn to the person on his right to start off the ceremony. Once the person on is right has turned away, the Master will take up the cup to the left and repeat the process in that direction. He will then guard the back of the person to his left until he/she passes the cup on. Then he will resume his seat.

Note for those who sit at the ends of sprigs: You should take your cue from the Clerk who will stand when the Master has started both cups on the top table. They should prime the persons on either side of them to rise. The ‘tail gunner’ will drink first, the neighbour to his left having raised the lid of the cup. The neighbour on the right will stand with his / her back to the drinker. The cup will then be passed up the left hand side of the table. The passing of the cup and the raising of the lid should be done with considerable élan and such bows and curtsies as are appropriate.

21.25 Port is served

21.30 The Beadle will gavel
The Master rises and, leaving his glass on the table, when all is quiet gives the toast: (NB)
All rise. The first verse of the National Anthem will be sung accompanied by the musician PIANO.
The toast is drunk - All sit

The Beadle will gavel
The Master rises and, leaving his glass on the table when all is quiet, gives the toast:
All rise. A half verse of the National Anthem will be played but not sung.
The toast is drunk - All sit.

21.35 Coffee and petits fours will then be served.

The Beadle Gavels for the Master. The Master announces that there will be a musical interlude. The Master thanks the musicians for their entertainment  and states that they are students at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama and that they appear by kind permission of the Principal.
There will be a comfort break of 12 minutes at this stage during which time the musicians will play


After consultation with the Master, The Beadle will gavel and subsequently move the lectern among the Speakers as set out below:

The Musicians will leave

The Beadle will gavel and announce “Master, Wardens, Sheriff, Ladies and Gentlemen pray silence for the Upper Warden, Jaki Howes”

The Upper Warden rises – “Master, Fellow Wardens, Sheriff, Ladies and gentlemen” and after a speech (of 5 minutes max) proposes the toast to


21.55 The Beadle will gavel and call “Pray silence for the Master”

The Master rises ‘Wardens, Fellow Masters, Sheriff, Ladies and Gentlemen …………’ and at the end of a speech of (max 7 minutes) proposes the Toast to ‘THE GUESTS’. Note: during the course of this speech the Master will present a cheque to Sheriff Nigel Pullman as the Company’s contribution to the Lord Mayor’s Charity.

22 05 The Beadle will gavel and announce John Burton who will respond to the Toast to the Guests. He will conclude by proposing a toast to the Master (7 Minutes)

22.15 The Beadle will announce “THE MASTER “ who will wish everyone a safe journey home etc and invite them to join in a Stirrup cup in the outer reception area.


The Master and official party leave the Hall in the opposite direction to the entry route and gather in the Reception Room

22.45 Members and their guests urged to depart the building

The guard of hour - The Orpington Sea Cadets

The banquet tables within Carpenters' Hall

tablecam catches architects in full flow...

the Loving Cup passes

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