Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Ladies wot Lunch & Opera

I have just been reading Mervyn's blog and felt that I should state that the Duracell powered bunnies, in the Fairie Queen, had a thing or two to teach the Kama Sutra - third paragraph; keep up at the back there - and we were in the seats where you rattle your jewellery, so got an excellent view. Not at all sure that I should let Mervyn take me to this kind of thing - Rinaldo the year before was another eye opener. I will lend out the DVD for a small sum.

the tired Duracell bunnies still in motion...
La Faerie Queene 'erself
Glad the thieves at the Henry Moore Foundation arrived just after we had visted and that they were caught; there is too much stupidity going on about the value of metal, although the price of gold seems to be rising again. Memo to Mervyn: Check the consort's badge, next time you see me.

Have also been to another Ladies lunch - ooooh the noise! - at the Tallow Chandlers Hall - and they weren't wearing hats either after all my efforts to get one, and they made some of us move places after the main course [why me?]. The only peaceful place was the loos, and since one did not want to miss the new Lady Mayoress speaking, you couldn't spend too long down there. Made even more new friends and had a great time bellowing across the table.

Another down payment on a black cab and I was back to Euston in time for the 3.23.

Happy Christmas to you all.

The Stalwart Consort

webmaster's comment:

wikipedia says " In Spenser's "A Letter of the Authors," he states that the entire epic poem is "cloudily enwrapped in allegorical devises," and that the aim of publishing The Faerie Queene was to “fashion a gentleman or noble person in virtuous and gentle discipline.”

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